Preparing Your Estate


The exercise you are about to embark on does not need to be accomplished in a single day.  In fact it shouldn't be.

Begin by gathering important documents such as bank statements and statements for other investments you may have.  Gather them into a single file because you will want access to names and account numbers.

Next, this site has three sections that you may find extremely helpful.

The My Estate Planner section offers both a downloadable booklet and an online booklet for you to systematically organize information that would be necessary to completing important legal documents.

The My Legacy Story (PDF) section offers a downloadable booklet in which you can permanently record key parts of your life and faith.

The Basic Components Every Person Should Have in Place section will describe for you all the basic components you should plan to complete...most of which we have resources for within this site.

We pray you take your time and thoroughly enjoy the process.