Resources for Ministries and Organizations

MLOF endeavors to provide the greatest variety of biblically-based stewardship material possible, and to provide it free of charge.  To that end, we encourage you to review the other "Resource" sections of this site.

Additionally, we desire to support Kingdom-minded ministries with service and outreach.  Tangibly, we also want to provide you with Online Estate Planning Support and Consulting/Mentoring.

Online Estate Planning Support

The software tools imbedded in this site, particularly the "My Estate Planner" and "Resources for Professionals and Advisors", are cutting edge tools.  We have deliberately designed those with a minimal, "graphic neutral" look. Until that launches, the Southern Baptist Foundation is graciously hosting us in their comparable site. 

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  • Why not connect your ministry's site to these tools? 
  • Simply link your site's Estate Planning section to these tools. 

That's right.  We're offering you free access.

As we inform and motivate believers, we trust that all ministries benefit-thereby enabling the Lord's work to go forth more effectively. 

Consulting, Mentoring and Outreach

The ministries and entities listed in this site are trusted partners. 

Where you may need local professional counsel to assist with a specific case, we invite you to make use of the list to secure that counsel.

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Where you may need consulting or mentoring to better support the Ministry of Stewardship, we invite you to use the following resources:

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God Bless You!

Our sincere prayer is that our Lord prospers you in your work and service.  As He does that, we honor Him and Advance His Kingdom.

To His Glory,

The My Legacy of Faith Team