Resources for Professional Advisors

MLOF endeavors to provide the greatest variety of biblically-based stewardship material possible, and to provide it free of charge.  To that end, we encourage you to review the other "Resource" sections of this site.

Additionally, we desire to support Professional Advisors whose knowledge and expertise augments the stewardship of others.  Tangibly, we also want to provide you with Online Estate Planning Support.

The software tools imbedded in this site, particularly the "My Estate Planner" and "Resources for Professionals and Advisors", are cutting edge tools.  The Southern Baptist Foundation is graciously hosting us, making their tools available to us.

You will see tools that can create custom illustrations of various plans. You are free to save a copy of those illustrations to your own computer, email them to yourself or to any advisor-including those you may find in the "Find a Local Resource" list.

Click this Link and you will enter the full Crescendo toolkit. 

The Southern Baptist Foundation has also given us access to an additional "On-Line Resource Room" that includes articles and news pertinent to planning.  It includes an option to sign up for free e-newsletters-one catering to individuals, another catering to planning professionals.  Click go to to visit that resource room. 

We trust you find these resources helpful in your service.